Oregon Technology Solutions

What We Do

Oregon Technology Solutions has experience working with a wide variety of clients, specializing in small and medium sized businesses. When Oregon Technology Solutions partners with your company we can manage everything from your computers to your network and wifi, to your mobile devices, to your online backup. With service plans to fit every budget, OTS can integrate into your business to become your IT department. Your success is our success!

Manage Your Technology with Remote Monitoring and Management

Oregon Technology Solutions’ most popular product is our Remote Monitoring and Management. We utilize best practices and customize a solution to fit your business needs.  Most issues are resolved remotely. For issues that need more personalized attention, we come to you. We secure your network and increase the reliability of your computers, allowing you to be more productive.

Protect Your Data with Online Backup

Every business has data that they cannot lose.  Local backups are great, such as external hard drives, USB drives, or tape drives.  But what if something happens to your local backup?  Oregon Technology Solutions has cloud-based backups that get your data to a safe location.  The data is encrypted and then sent across in an encrypted connection to ensure its safety.

Extend Your Network with Enterprise Wifi

Employees and customers expect wifi nearly everywhere they go.  Oregon Technology Solutions is able to securely and seamlessly offer this connectivity.  Whether you have a few people in an office, a multiple dwelling unit (MDU) such as a hotel or apartments, or a large auditorium or outdoor space, we can develop a solution to match your needs.