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Network Evaluation by Oregon Technology Solutions

Network Evaluation by Oregon Technology SolutionsContact us today to schedule your complimentary computer network evaluation.  With today’s complicated computer networks sometimes it’s difficult for a company to know what it’s doing right and where it needs some attention.  Getting an outside point of view can help get perspective on what’s important. OTS performs a high level audit of your network to see if there are any areas that need to be addressed.  Once the audit is completed, one of our computer network professionals will go over the results with you.

Our complimentary network evaluation includes:

  • Network Scan – Determine what’s on your network. Removing unnecessary devices from your network limits the amount of exposure you have to potential threats.
  • Wireless Network Evaluation – Utilizing advanced canning tools, OTS is able to determine if you have coverage in all the needed areas.  Additionally, we can evaluate if there are issues because of interference from neighboring businesses. Sometimes selecting a different channel is all it takes to improve wifi performance.
  • Server Evaluation – Servers tend to take on additional roles and drop others after their initial implementation.  If you are not careful to watch resource usage, you could be overtaxing your server and degrading your entire network performance.  A fresh look can determine if it is still performing optimally or if it needs some help.
  • Backup Check – Disasters happen everyday.  Do you know if your organization could recover quickly from a server failure? Performing a quick test recovery can help ensure that your data backup plan is going to be successful when it’s needed.
  • Workstation Antivirus – Centrally managed antivirus solutions allow a single look to determine the health of your network.  Making sure that definitions are being updated and scans are being ran regularly goes a long way to securing your network.
  • Internet Connection – Business needs evolve over time.  More services are being moved to cloud-based solutions.  Is your Internet connection holding you back?

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