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Services by Oregon Technology Solutions

Almost every business today relies on their computer technology in some way.  From contractors to automotive dealerships, from non-profit organizations to medical offices, Oregon Technology Solutions has a range of offerings to cover your needs. Securing and maintaining your network requires experience. Oregon Technology Solutions has the experience needed to keep your technology running smoothly.


Services by Oregon Technology Solutions

Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management cover all your IT needs. We are your IT department. One monthly plan keeps your computer network running efficiently. We have a range of service plans to fit your budget and your needs. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is utilized for loading Microsoft Windows patches, automating regular maintenance, and remote support when needed.

Online Backup Services

Every business has data that is needed to function, such as their accounting data. Marketing material can have lots of time and money in developing. Photographers need to keep their pictures safe. Local backup is great, but what if something unthinkable happens? Disasters can take out your computers and your local backup. Theft, floods, fire, are all possibilities that could take our all your data. How quickly can your business begin operating again? Automatic, online backups alleviate this risk.

Enterprise Wifi Services

In today’s mobile and always connected world, people expect wifi everywhere they go.  This includes employees and customers.  Employees are bringing their own devices and providing wifi helps make them more productive. Customers expect to see wifi wherever they visit. Oregon Technology Solutions builds customized solutions to fit the needs of the business, employees, and customers. Check out our Enterprise Wifi.