Oregon Technology Solutions

Customers are expecting free Wi-Fi at every business they visit. From iPads to iPhones to Androids, smartphones and tablets are everywhere. They are beginning to proliferate the business landscape. More and more employees are using their personal devices in their daily business lives. This is known as BYOD or Bring-Your-Own-Device and represents a challenge that businesses need to address. One is providing wireless coverage throughout your organization. The other is managing the organization’s data on the devices.

Enterprise Wireless Solution:
  • Multiple access points– Controller based solution allows for access points to be placed around premises and for them to work together to offer seamless coverage.
  • Multiple network names (SSIDs)– Create separate wireless access for departments with differing needs, for employees, or for clients and customers.
  • Bandwidth throttling– Limit the amount of bandwidth used so business functions are not inhibited.
  • Segregate networks– Allow clients to connect to the Internet utilizing your existing Internet connection while denying them access to your business network
  • Customer portal– Customize they way your clients connect to your wireless. You can implement any or none of the following: encryption key, password, voucher, payment, redirect page, or customize further
  • Reporting– See how your network is being utilized and who has been on it