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Remote Monitoring and Management by Oregon Technology Solutions

Remote monitoring and management  is a complete solution for your computer network. Your computers will stay protected and up to date. Microsoft Windows patches are loaded for you, behind the scenes, so they don’t interfere with you while you’re working. Security software is included to keep your computers safe from any malicious attackers. When you do need to contact the help desk, there is always a friendly and knowledgeable technician to help you.

Manage your IT Budget

Remote monitoring and management utilizes a fixed monthly price for maintaining your computer network, allowing for a more stable IT budget. With one price, you can get unlimited access to professional and knowledgeable technicians that know how to resolve computer and network issues.

Reduce Hidden Costs of IT

Remote monitoring and management helps reduce some of the hidden costs associated with IT because it aligns the goals of the IT support provider with the company. It is in our best interest to make sure your network is as stable as possible. Fewer incidents means you’re more productive and it reduces the time involved in repairs. There is also greater incentive to make sure incidents are fixed right the first time. With “pay-as-you-go” there is little incentive to spend a little extra time making sure things are fixed right. Band-aids are often quicker, but tend to break again in the future. If it is still broken, they get paid to fix it again. Schedule your FREE computer network evaluation to see how you will benefit from OTS.

How Remote Monitoring and Management works

You can get the expertise and experience found in the IT department of a large company. You essentially pool your resources with other companies that also do not need a full time IT staff, but need the expertise and reliability of experienced technicians.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management

The most important benefit is the peace of mind that you receive knowing that your computer network is taken care of. When Oregon Technology Solutions partners with your business they are invested in your success. When our customers thrive, so do we.